Friday, September 08, 2006

You can do it.

It's already September!...My children went back to school, I was finally released. LOL.
So...I have to do my job. I mean, about this blog. (;^_^A

As a matter of fact, recently I'm learning how to speak English for 5 minutes everyday in the morning by telephone. My teacher is a young lady from Germany(maybe) who lives in Japan. (She has married Japanese businessman. ) Her English is very audible for me. She is really helpful, so she greatly improved my English. Therefore I thank her deeply.

I'm working at call-center of a credit card company. I receive a lot of calls everyday, sometimes I receive the call from foreign customer. When I receive that, I get our English speaker to them. But at least, I have to tell them about that, and then, I have to hear their card number or phone number if I can. I get really nervous.(^▽^;) ...But, I want to try to be an English speaker.It's my biggest dream in these days.

When I told my teacher about my dream, she said "You can do it".
I was really encouraged by her words.
I decided to keep on dreaming. ;-))

The photo above is inspired by this great tune.

"I'm not expecting to grow flowers in the desert,
But I can live and breathe and see the sun in wintertime.."

from "In A Big Country" by Big Country


tsuyoshi/thin-p said...

Yes, "You can do it!" ;-)



ってことで、引き続きここも "You can also do it!" :-D

michiko said...

Wow! You think so? :-D
I'm really glad you say so.Thanks.;-)

プロフィールの写真、かっちょいいじゃないっすか!(My Spaceのと同じですよね??)

And You can do it,too!;-)))

Suzie Q said...

Hey Michiko! Yes, you can do it! :D
You already have a great command of the English language.
I love Japanese script; each symbol is like a work of art! Beautiful...

My best to you & yours xXx


michiko said...

Dear Sue,
Oh....I'm so sorry to keep you waiting so long.
Thank you for your kind comment.
You think so,too? Wow!!
Yeah,I can feel more confident than before.
I WILL keep trying. I swear! LOL.
Thank you,Sue. ;-)

Do you like Japanese script?
Wow! I'm happy to hear that as one of Japanese.

So I show you one of them. ;-)

It means "beauty" or "beautiful".
This type of script is called "kanji"(漢字) in Japan.
"Kanji" is from China to Japan for long long time ago.
We use "kanji" and "hiragana"(like this : あいうえお=a i u e o) and "katakana"(like this:カキクケコ=ka ki ku ke ko) mainly.

tsuyoshi/thin-p said...

Hey michiko!

"Big Country" gave me the message.
I want you to read it!!
Please open my "MySpace" and scroll down.
The message will encourage you. :-D

**(note : Sounds when open and you will find yukari there. ;-)

I do the activity restart little by little this week.
Please keep in touch! v

michiko said...

I'm terribly sorry to keep you waiting so long;
Gomen na sai~(って最初から日本語で書けよ・笑)
いや、ほんとすみませんでした;m(。_。;))m ペコペコ…

Yeah! I read all of comments you received.
That's AMAZING!!
The BIG COUNTRY was there!
I envy you.LOL.
So, I'm still thinking whether I should get "My Space" or not.
mmm~~~~( ̄ー ̄;

tsuyoshi/thin-p said...

They said...

"Our Name Will Never Die, This Time Will Be Forever"
"In A Big Country, Dreams Stay With You"

Well, I think you need not right now make the account of MySpace.
please feel free to enjoy by my link of Friends List until it's really needed for you. ;-)

えんだ〜、レスは気にせず ^^v
Enjoy yourself by not MySpace but "YourPace". :D