Friday, September 08, 2006

You can do it.

It's already September!...My children went back to school, I was finally released. LOL.
So...I have to do my job. I mean, about this blog. (;^_^A

As a matter of fact, recently I'm learning how to speak English for 5 minutes everyday in the morning by telephone. My teacher is a young lady from Germany(maybe) who lives in Japan. (She has married Japanese businessman. ) Her English is very audible for me. She is really helpful, so she greatly improved my English. Therefore I thank her deeply.

I'm working at call-center of a credit card company. I receive a lot of calls everyday, sometimes I receive the call from foreign customer. When I receive that, I get our English speaker to them. But at least, I have to tell them about that, and then, I have to hear their card number or phone number if I can. I get really nervous.(^▽^;) ...But, I want to try to be an English speaker.It's my biggest dream in these days.

When I told my teacher about my dream, she said "You can do it".
I was really encouraged by her words.
I decided to keep on dreaming. ;-))

The photo above is inspired by this great tune.

"I'm not expecting to grow flowers in the desert,
But I can live and breathe and see the sun in wintertime.."

from "In A Big Country" by Big Country

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dreaming France.


I found this lovely picture in flickr.
(Actually,I am addicted to flickr so bad. LOL.)

This was taken by Mr.yuzu..
He has flickr site too,so I could find this fabulous photo.
I think it's so fascinating.
And its title,"i wish.." is so fantastic,and makes me "wish" I could fly to France.

I have my Japanese friend in Paris, unfortunately I've never met her(I'm only acquainted with her in her blog. ),if I could travel to France,I can meet her.

I wonder if I could get the prize of CCB Paris'"6 days travel in Paris".LOL. far country that it takes 12 hours from Japan.

If I could be there, what shall I do?
Just looking at fashionable people in Paris sitting in cafe all day long?
Or,could I go to Mont Saint Michel? is so dreamy.
Only thinking about travels,I feel so excited.

Thanks to yuzu.-san.
Your picture gives me such a lovely dream.

Now,I wish I could take a dreamy picture like yours.

In the bigining.

I opened my new blog site so that I can dare myself to do more English-speaking(writing?) practice .
It will be a hard way to me, but I will keep as long as possible........No! as long as I live! LOL.

So, to All the native speakers, please teach me when I am wrong.
To tell the truth, I don't know how to express my feeling, my opinion, my thought...and any other things in correct way, actually.

Please help me to improve my English. (^_-)---☆