Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rainy day

I am speaking today's diary. *LOL*

If you have much time, please try to listen.
Click HERE. ;-))


thin-p said...

The voice will become a new gate for you.
And, it will bring you a new environment and new power and confident.
Keep it up & Keep on trying!

[ So It's a new enjoyment to me. ;-)) ]

one more thing...

The photo matches to the voice diary. :)

nemchin said...

Wow! Thank you,thin-p!
I'm so glad you (A.K.A. a great PodCaster) said like that.
Yes,definitely it gave me a new world.
All right, I'll try to keep.
Thank you for your comment for the photo,too.

I really apprreciate it. :-))